Folk Tradition Network of the Northern Dimension is about cooperation between people in the Barents Region who practice handicraft based on folk traditions. By using this network people get to know one another and learn about the different cultures in the region. The main philosophy of the network is to get to know and understand one’s neighbours. One of the primary aims is for people from the different cultures and nations to interact.
    The Barents Region was populated at a time when there were no boundaries in the area. The boundless Europe of today actually consists of numerous boundaries between nations, nationalities, regions and cultures. Boundaries that make contact between people, companies and organisations difficult. One of the aims is to get rid of or reduce these boundaries.
    People who practice traditional handicraft collect, develop and market their knowledge, services and products through this network.
    The aim of this network is to improve possibilities for the people of the multicultural Barents Region to live on in their home district, care for their traditions and to earn a living by using their folk traditions. This by using modern technology.
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